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DRAGONSHIPS is coming and we are building something great. If you want to be the first to know when we go online, follow our social media below.

About Dragonships


Redefining the sailing experience.


As a family in a professional environment, Dragonships are driven by the spirit of fearless innovation to bring a new way of sailing experience. We believe that being open-minded and transparent to every input will lead our team to prioritize communication and collaboration in order to bring the best innovations using the most advanced technology. We are committed to mastering all the processes of research, production, and delivery for our precious customers. Thus, through our best efforts, we proudly craft our sophisticated electric hydrofoil boat to deliver the best quality that has never been made to become the leader in the hydrofoil market.



H - I - T - E - C - H”


A strong bond of unity is generated by the collaboration among Dragonships family within the multifaceted individual and different roles which synergically complete each other. The bond will be the foundation of a masterpiece.

---- The Foundation


Hungrily looking at creative yet unusual approaches. The ideas will be fearlessly examined to bring extraordinary solutions that will make giant leaps in maritime travel efficiency, comfort, and convenience.


The use of technology is like casting spells. It transforms the idea into reality by applying the most advanced technology.

---- The Application


The spirit of excellence is talking about the manner of persistently giving the best in every effort undertaken. Strive for excellence in all aspects


Our focus, discipline, perseverance, dedication, loyalty and continuity become the bloodstream of Dragonships to survive in facing the waves of life.

---- The Determination


Traits of a noble person. As we created a luxurious product, we should bring a classy honorable attitude into every making process. Honor could also refer to the feeling of pride. The feeling could bring a great sense of meaning as a human being.

---- The Purpose

Career Opportunities

Dragonships is driven to being fearless in giving the latest innovation to our products. We are seeking people who have the hunger for innovative and creative ways to bring a new experience of sailing with hydrofoil technology.

We would love to hear from you

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